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Chihuahuas are a pint-sized pet with a huge heart and a
macho attitude that’s bigger than life! The very loyal
companion comes in two varieties, smooth coat and long
coat, or some would say short hair and long hair. The
Chihuahua is a “Toy” breed, however, many refer to them as
“Teacup Chihuahuas”. Per the AKC Standard the Chihuahua
is “a well balanced little dog not to exceed 6 pounds”.
Although we find most people have a preferred weight of 2 –
4 lbs. at maturity, the Chihuahua is still considered a “Toy”
breed. We hope you enjoy our site and will visit again soon!
Please feel welcome to contact us regarding puppy
availability or for more information regarding Smooth or Long
Coated Chihuahuas!
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